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Canican Cam Sunglasses Blue [11cm Keyce Chain]

Canican Cam Sunglasses Blue [11cm Keyce Chain]

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Fashionable charm of sunglasses motif.
Blue is cool and more stylish!
As it is with a key chain that can be used as a necklace of Fumofu-san SS, you can enjoy coordination immediately.
The key chain can also be used as a bag charm, so it is wonderful to meet your favorite bag.

※ This is also for Fumofu SS.
Please select [22 cm key chain] for Fumofu-san S · M · L.

【Material】 French plastic· K18 GOLD PLATED

【Origin, country】 Japan 🇯🇵

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Acetate is a plant fiber material cellulose (cotton fibrous cellulose (cotton fibrillation), high transparency, and a type of plastic with free combination. Since it is made of natural material derived from plants, it is a material that is small in the environment and is also kind to the environment.