Canican charm sunglasses pink

Canican charm sunglasses pink

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Fashionable charm of sunglasses motif.
Pop color pink will bring up coordination.
It is also recommended as a neckless charm of Fumofu.
You can easily attach anywhere, such as pouch fasteners and accessory chains.

※ This is Kinikan Charm Single item product.
If you wear Fumofu SS [with 11cm key chain],
It is useful to choose [22cm Kechen] if you're wearing Mofumofu s s · m · L.

【Material】 French plastic· K18 GOLD PLATED

【Origin, country】 Japan 🇯🇵


Acetate is a plant fiber material cellulose (cotton fibrous cellulose (cotton fibrillation), high transparency, and a type of plastic with free combination. Since it is made of natural material derived from plants, it is a material that is small in the environment and is also kind to the environment.