About us

Floats!  Have fun just looking! The concept was born on the front door in 2009 as a toe rings specialty brand.

In the toe rings structure, we acquired a patent. Its adoption, the design of the craftsmanship cultivated during the era and the jewelry brand era, and the design of "Omotesando Hirajuku", which is the center of the Japanese pop culture, and the design is popular, and it is driven as a pioneer in the Touring market in Japan. I have come.

Ladies' fashion goods full-fledged from 2016 will be launched with fashion products and you want to give to someone! I am continuing to aim for such a brand that can always be sober at that moment I remember important people.

Corporate Name: Krunny Japan Co., Ltd.

Presence: Masumi Shinkura

Facility: September 1986

Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 6-7-8 Nest Harajuku Part VI 3 floor

Business content: Julie other manufacturing and sales

Business partner: Mitsukoshi Isetan, Inc.,Sogo, Seibu, Inc.

    Tokyu Department Store, Inc.Marui Group Co., Ltd.

Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd., Keio Keio, Inc.,

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store, Inc.Matsuya Co., Ltd.