Milk Face Released!

Tapioca Milk and Azuki Milk, which was very popular last year
This year's only ears Tapioca, only my ears were launched with white.

※ Blue sofa under the image below🛋SS sizes sitting at.

Speaking of sofa, "Where are you selling?"
There are many inquiries. This is purchased by Flying Tiger💕
The Omotesando store was out of stock because I bought a lot of floats.💦
Soon, new sunglasses will also be released.
Samples have been made, so I will show you a little bit.😊It is 5 color development.

Sofa and sunglasses were talked,

"Milk Face New Release."

Thank you.😅
If you want to see the real thing, go to POP UP SHOP
September 25 (Saturday) Current POP UP
Shinjuku Odakyu Department store 3rd floor
Machida Odakyu Department Store 1st floor
Shinjuku Marui Main Building 1st floor
We'll be expecting you♪

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  • 新作のサングラスも可愛い😍ですね❣️



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