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Shibuya Scramble Square 5th floor POP UP

Summer is in full swing now.🌴☀️

Shibuya Scramble Square The POP UP will be held at the 5th floor + Q Goods.

400 or more touring to decorate the finger

Please find something that looks good😊

Silver 925 Initial Touring is popular. 3,960 yen

Tongsandars fashionable than ordinary beach sandals

Because there is a bag strap, it is a reputation that is easy to walk.

We handle several types of Ipanema sandals in Brazil. From 3,300 yen

It is very cute when the new round handle bag is also a fumofu SS Bear milk💕

Shibuya Scrambled Square is the 5th floor.

Please stop by when you come near you.

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