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Nice to meet you.

It was 12 years since I debuted in Omotesando as a specialty brand that has been patented in 2009.

Design with that originality is only for touring but also in general fashion accessories and"Acts that you want to give to someone"We introduce playful products to the theme.

Fumofu charms are particularly popular, and fumofu-san charms were popular.

"I like Touring of Flow, but Fumofu is a little ...", I would like you to take it by all means.

The moment I saw the face that protects the key in the bag, I will definitely be healed! Every time I open and close the door key every day I feel warm. (smile)

Also, if you like "Mofufu-san, touring is a bit high Hardle ..." Please look at your feet. Please take care of your feet for a little attention to your feet every day. I'm sure I want to love and decorate it. (perhaps··)

Froz touring is a stretchable rubber structure, and it does not hurt even if you wear perfect for your foot finger and wear it for a long time.

Please look forward to Flow from now on.

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